Whilst welcoming you to our bed and breakfast we also need to ensure we are being as safe as possible with regards to preventing the spread of Covid-19. Below are the new precautions we’re putting in place both for your safety and ours.

We need the names of all the guests staying with us, this needs to be before arrival.

We don’t take bookings for at least one whole day either side of any booking, thus helping to reduce the likelihood of transfer from one group to another.

We sanitise and clean the accommodation as per the government instructions.

If a guest, or us, needs to cancel the booking due to Covid-19 there will be no penalties to either party.

If a guest develops Covid symptoms whilst staying with us they need to inform us immediately in a safe way, so a phone call or text would probably be best. They need to self isolate, and the whole group go home as soon as possible, we would expect this to be within 2 hours. There will be no cost for nights not taken in this instance. You would then need to inform us of the Covid test results when you have them.

If one of us develops Covid symptoms we would ask you to leave immediately, again there would be no charge for nights not taken, and we would inform you of the Covid test results.

If one of your party has or develops Covid please follow government guidelines and inform us if necessary. Ditto if we develop symptoms.

We will not be able to service your rooms during your stay, but we are happy to provide cleaning materials if you’d like us to

We will provide hand sanitiser, and expect you to use it once you have entered out property.

We will be following government guidelines re social distancing, hand washing/sanitising and face masks and expect our guests to do the same. We will be following the guidelines set down by the government for running an accommodation business at the time of your stay.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who is not willing to comply.