Healthy breakfast

Sometimes we don’t want a cooked breakfast. Our guests had grapefruit the other morning, possibly due to the lovely, filling meal they’d had the night before in Oakham!

Our bit for the environment

Trying our best for the environment

This is a list of some of the things we have changed or are in the process of changing.

We personally no longer buy shower gel or soap in dispensers, we use bars of soap. This will extend to you once the refill for all the shower gel etc. has run out. We are even making our own soap which we hope to extend to guests.

The bins in your room we will empty after you leave but not during your stay unless they need doing. This is because of the plastic liner.

We aim to stop using individual sachets once they have run out and replace them with sealed jars of teabags etc. We will also stop using individual packets of biscuits once the ones we have run out.

We use environmentally friendly products for cleaning i.e. vinegar solution for cleaning surfaces. We still have some old cleaning products that need finishing before moving on.

Recycled toilet role when available.

With the washing up we use refillable eco friendly liquid, eco friendly dishwasher tabs in recyclable plastic wrapper. Our kitchen sponges are no longer going to made of plastic, you can buy alternatives that are made from natural materials.

EcoEgg with bicarbonate of soda, and vinegar as a fabric conditioner is used for washing sheets and towels etc.

To help bees and other insects mowing has been limited on the top and middle lawns, and wild flower seeds have been planted- hopefully it will look lovely too!

We are trialling swopping to milk bottles from the milkman, rather than plastic containers to see if this works.

Taking containers to the supermarket so fresh fish and other things can go in them rather than be wrapped in single use plastic.

As for buying water in a bottle, we reuse old bottles and fill with tap water, and only buy new if we’re desperate.




First post

We are a small, unique bed and breakfast with attention to detail with a view to becoming more environmentally aware.

new to blogging we hope you can bear with us while we learn!